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Need a new chair? Why not just build one, with KRRB?

Wouldn't you rather sit on something like this than a milk crate?
Wouldn’t you rather sit on something like this than a milk crate?

The right chair can make or break your productivity, especially if you work from home. Have an uncomfortable chair, and while you can work for a little bit, you’re bound to get annoyed and try to work somewhere else. Like your bed. And then you fall asleep. So why not avoid that mess by designing your own chair this weekend at KRRB’s Makeshift Chair Workshop at Build It Green!NYC in Gowanus? It could be the difference between actually getting work done and just watching downloaded Mad Men episodes in bed.

The workshop on Sunday, part of Design Week NYC, will allow you to pimp out a chair in ways that only you can imagine. Which for us would be a lot of pillows, but then, we’re not very visually-oriented. Your guides to chair pimping will be design experts Amy Devers and Tanya Aguiniga, who presumably will make sure you don’t staple your hand to a chair, and also make sure it doesn’t end up too ugly. If you’re not the crafty type, following the workshop, there’s a party and a sale, with 15% off all the items that you can find at BIG NYC. You can find sweet furniture, paint, even a coffin! And the proceeds from the sale go towards helping Build It Green recover from Sandy.

Because everyone out there could need another chair, the workshop filled up pretty fast. Fortunately for you, we love you and so does KRRB, so they’ve got two tickets for the person who leaves us our favorite comment about the most dire seating situation you’ve faced since moving to Brooklyn.

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