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Name this supper club’s new location and you’ll eat for free

Think this fancy, but it doesn’t disappear when it’s done

Home cooking! You love it, except there’s one problem with it: you actually have to, y’know, cook. And then there’s doing the dishes. Wouldn’t it be better if you could somehow avoid the work but still get the delicious results? The folks who started Hebrew-leaning pop-up supper club The Hester were thinking the same exact thing as you, except they decided to be charitable and do the whole cooking thing and then serve it to you. It’s been popular and successful, to the point where they’re going to be setting up in a kosher gastro-pub in Brooklyn. They need a name though, which is where you come in.

For the uninitiated, The Hester is a supper club that meets once a month in order for people to eat homemade food and listen to some tunes. They’ve got a focus on Jewish culture, but not in a weird “come back to the fold” way that Birthright does, and also you don’t HAVE to be Jewish to hang out and enjoy the food and the music. Still, if you’ve been mising your bubbe’s cooking or are trying to keep your mom from finding out you’ve been dating a string of goy boys, it certainly sounds like a good place to go, at least judging by the menu.

If you’ve read up on them and are bummed that they’re only around once a month, according to their Facebook page, they’ve been invited to share their menu at a Brooklyn gastro-pub which at the moment is remaining nameless. Thing is, they need a name for their section of the gastro-pub, where they’ll be serving “international street food” with their own twist on it.

Give them a name they like so much that they end up using it and you’ll be eating there for free on your first visit. We’re sure you’ve worked harder for free food.


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