Musicians: You can make $100/day singing on the subway, alleges redditor

subway musicians
Look at these couple of thousandaires. via Flickr user InSapphoWeTrust

It can be tough making a go of it as a musician here in the big city, what with everyone and their mom in a band. But you could always retreat to the subway, like one musician did, and is now explaining on reddit how he made $100 per day entertaining subway riders. After all, if you can’t get people to come to your shows, bring the shows to them (and ┬ámake sure they’re trapped in a fast-moving underground tube)!

redditor Mr24601 is over on the site at the moment doing an AMA about life as a subway musician. It’s interesting of course, but the thing that matters the most (because pshh, art) is how much money the mystery musician was making. According to him, Mr24601 and his partner pulled down about $100 per day, each, topping out at $140 on their best day. And not only did they make $500 in a working week, with six hours of singing per day, him and his partner also got invites to eat at fancy restaurants and sing in art galleries.

If you can hack it, it sounds like it could be a decent way to earn a living. You just have to have an NPR voice to introduce your songs with and not be all shout-y, since commuters are sick of that shit before it even starts.

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