Music Friyay: Nine Inch Nails, Cat Power, St. Vincent, Matt Berry

Music brings people together. Communities are created and fostered through melodies, which is why it’s important to promote excellent work by musicians both popular and obscure from all over the world, hoping its influence will reach our Brooklyn audiences. As a music lover myself, I’m always searching for new music (regardless of when it was released).

Here are four of my picks for this week:

Cat Power – Wanderer

Cat Power is back with an album and it’s absolutely marvelous. Wanderer just came out and it’s pretty much everything you want: dark, intense, meditative, and feminist. Her duet with Lana Del Rey, “Woman,” should be your new anthem. Don’t forget to check out her interview with The Cut recently, where she also spoke about still living in Manhattan.

Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Bad Witch came out in June 2018, and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since. Trent Reznor is clearly a perfectionist, and a true innovator and artist when it comes to challenging our ideas of boundaries, genre, and our position in the world as humans. This album doesn’t disappoint, and shows NIN’s agility and ability to keep evolving. My favorite: “God Break Down the Door.”

St. Vincent – MassEducation (2018 piano version)

St. Vincent released a piano version of her 2017 album under the same name just this month. It’s a wonderful interpretation of her previous album. Her fragile, soft vocals are illuminated beautifully in this quieter version. My favorite: “Happy Birthday, Johnny.”

Matt Berry – Television Themes

Matt Berry’s latest album, which just came out this month, is a fun meditation and interpretation of British TV show theme songs. They’re clever and amazingly pleasurable to work and walk to. My favorite: “Dr. Who.”

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