Music Friyay: Macy Gray, Aphex Twin, SANDY, Lateef Dameer

Music brings people together. Communities are created and fostered through melodies, which is why it’s important to promote excellent work by musicians both popular and obscure from all over the world, hoping its influence will reach our Brooklyn audiences. As a music lover myself, I’m always searching for new music (regardless of when it was released).

Here are four of my picks for this week:

Macy Gray – Ruby

Gray’s 10th studio album just came out earlier this month, and it’s amazing. Eclectic and unique, Gray crafted a blues, soul, jazz and R&B album over 12 songs. My favorite song: “Sugar Daddy.” Listen below:

Aphex Twin – Collapse

The five-song EP that just came out this month is anxiously stylized drum ‘n’ bass beats fit into a mathematical frenzied landscape. Perfect for working, running, or you know, just listening. My favorite song: “1st 44.” Listen below:

SANDY РSelf-titled

This Brooklyn-based electronic trio creates melodic ambient, Beach House-esque soundscapes. Their forthcoming album is set to be released by Geographic North later this year or in early 2019. You can listen to their first album from 2014, self-titled, below. My favorite song: “Drips.”

Lateef Dameer – First Kiss

Lateef Dameer, a musician based in Jersey City, creates jazzy, soul, and spoken word beats that will stick inside your brain. Dameer’s first album, First Kiss, came out last year, but has No Signal coming out later this month, a limited-edition EP. Check out his first album below. My favorite song: “Second Glance.”

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