Music Friyay: Cass McCombs, Roman, Chromatics, Geo Metro

Music brings people together. Communities are created and fostered through melodies, which is why it’s important to promote excellent work by musicians both popular and obscure from all over the world, hoping its influence will reach our Brooklyn audiences. As a music lover myself, I’m always searching for new music (regardless of when it was released).

Here are four of my picks for this week:

Cass McCombs – Sleeping Volcanoes

McCombs released a song a few days ago and it’s an indie dream. It deserves a listen or two or three or seven.

Roman – Sexual Years

This album is an interesting mix between electronic, dance, and 80s synth. My favorite: “No Other Lovers.”

Geo Metro – SCIVIAS

Geo Metro’s second album is here and it’s totally a weird, feminist meditation on St. Lucy having her eyes threatened to be plucked out, and examines through sound spirituality, gender, and violence. My Favorite: “Aunty Beast.”

Chromatics – Camera

Chromatics’ new album is a dark synth dream/nightmare. My favorite: “The Taste of Blood.”

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