MTA Bus Time coming to every route in BK in March

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Finally, no more craning your neck at traffic. via Wikipedia

The worst part about taking the bus, aside from waiting out in the cold for it to show up is being completely in the dark about when one will show up. Sure a schedule lists a time, but who the hell believes that thing? But finally, every bus in the MTA fleet has been outfitted with the GPS technology for the Bus Time bus tracker, which means we can get real-time bus information for Brooklyn buses starting March 9.

Before the announcement, the only bus lines to be included in the Bus Time program in Brooklyn were the B61 and B63. But that’s going to change in March, and you can finally stop craning your neck to look at oncoming traffic to see if your bus is on the way. You can find out where your bus is with the mobile version of the web site (, or with third party apps you can find in the MTA’s own app store. Through these, you can find out exactly where the hell your bus is that was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago, Christ it’s too cold for this shit.

Do you still have a flip-phone? Good news: all you need to do is text your bus stop code, which you can find on the posted schedule at your stop, to 51123. In response, you’ll get how far away your bus is in terms of miles if it’s far and in terms of stops if it’s close. Everyone wins! Except of course for the people who show up somewhere late due to slow buses, because it’s not like knowing how far your bus is makes it move any faster.

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  1. Thank fuc*ing science!

    I live right by Pulaski Bridge and I’ve have no choice but to wait out in the disgusting weather on the corner and stare at Green Street for just a glimpse, nah, a chance to see the B62/B32 coming down the street.

    As I stated in an email to the MTA Customer Service board, “…this is the 21st century, why am I still standing outside on the corner trying to figure out on a paper time table when my bus MIGHT arrive?”.

    Thanks for the update Dave, greatly appreciated! =)

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