Movie-snack security alert: UA Court Street doing bag checks

Scene of the crime, via BK Heights Blog

Fair warning to all ye cinephiles trying to save some money on snacks while savoring some sweet revenge on the Nazis: If you’re stocking up at Trader Joe’s before the movie, the UA theater on Court Street is on to you. We’re not sure when it started, but at least as of last weekend, filmgoers have been flooding back to TJ’s to return popcorn and the like after ticket takers asked them to open their bags for a snack check. (And theaters wonder why people are staying at home downloading movies instead.)

This Brokelyn correspondent, after scrimping and saving his rubles to cover the $11.50 ticket price, had his bag and his friends’ bags probed at a late screening the other night. How did that kettle corn get in there? We hear that the theater, where you can easily double your ticket price at the concession stand, has also been hassling people who have doggie bags from restaurants. The obvious solution: smaller snacks!


  1. my friend and i used to wear those ridiculous “UFO” pants- you know, the ones looked like neon parachute pants. the one advantage was that you could fit an entire fast food meal in those things… my friend carried the drinks, i had the fries & burgers.

    recently i snuck a bunch of pennylicks snacks into a theater… i felt so devious and clever!

  2. We had leftovers from the Chip Shop & they totally clamped down on us last weekend. The morons working the rope were arrogant & rude asswipes. What do you expect when you get paid 30 cents an hour. I love how they’ve got a fucking cop there to “keep the peace”. And yes, he did step up in my face when I wanted to talk to a manager.

  3. my name goes here

    Christ, what a bunch of assholes. I didn’t believe my girlfriend when she told me it happened to her earlier this summer, I figured they were looking for a camera or something like that.

    FWIW though, they aren’t always checking. Last week we saw some cinematic drivel with drinks from the bodega across the street.

  4. I was in there early in the summer (maybe May?) and they were checking some, but I walked right past as they were checking some guys. No one stopped me, and my slightly oversized bag, so I took my TJ’s popcorn and thanked my lucky stars, hah.

  5. The idiots who aren’t discreet about what they are bringing in, show it off and then leave their contraband wrappers in the theater as evidence are to blame. If you are cool about it, nobody’s going to bother you. If you are stupid and walk in with a grocery bag, you’re going to get stopped. Duh.

  6. It may not be legal to search you, but they do have the right to turn you away – for any reason. Then you miss the movie that you tried so hard to arrive early for and get a decent seat.

    Skip popcorn and chips. Too bulky.
    Use a flask.

  7. Theaters do make most of their profit on concessions. Those ridiculous ticket prices typically go to the studios. So, yeah, you want the theater to stay open, right?

    Also, you could wait two hours to eat, or eat before you go in.

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