Quit your job, move to Florida and get paid to play with LEGOs all day

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Don’t let this pip-squeak take the job you deserve. Image via here and now

Were you one of the grown adults who walked out of The LEGO Movie and imagined yourself becoming a master builder? Did you buy LEGOs, saying it was for your non-existent kids, but actually spent countless hours building spaceships, entire cities, or a LEGO recreation of being stuck in the L train during rush hour? Well, you no longer need to worry about juggling between your love of LEGOs and your need to be a productive member of society. LEGOLAND is hiring 20 “Master Model Builders” at its brand new  model-making facility, known as appropriately awesomely titled “Merlin’s Magic Making Hub,” at their headquarters near LEGOLAND in Lake Wales, Florida.

Finally, an excuse to leave the city (no personal essays, please) to pursue something you actually care about in life. According to TIME, the company is looking for 20 people to build extravagant sculptures to be used around the world using only those small, colorful blocks. The interview process will consist of “build-offs,” so make sure your building skills are on point, or it’s back to the soul-sucking office job for you. Yeah, you have to move to Florida, but Lake Wales is kinda close to Tampa and just north of a place called Frostproof, so it don’t sound too bad.

Here’s the job listing and how to apply.

If you’re not adept with your hands, LEGOLAND is hiring a whole bunch of other jobs, including a lifeguard, hotel cook and costumed character.

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