More of BK is catching up to Williamsburg’s real estate madness

New signs will say "Zoned for rich people only." via Flickr user the real janelle
New signs will say “Zoned for rich people only.” via Flickr user the real janelle

Hey, remember those people who bought the million-dollar condo in Bed Stuy? And how we called them dummies? Maybe instead of doing that we should have praised them for getting in front of the crest of a wave. TheĀ Post is reporting that even outside of real estate fantasylands like Williamsburg, Brooklyn home prices are shooting up like a goddamn rocket to the moon.

If you thought you were safe in places like Bed Stuy or Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, well, think again. According to a story in theĀ Post, home prices there have gone from an average of $385,000 to $431,000, which is good for a twelve percent jump in a year. Who’s to blame for the whole thing? Realtors say that most of the buyers are coming from Manhattan, which will only strengthen our case to enact a policy of total war on borough full of people who think we “gaze longingly and salivate” at it. A lack of new housing stock is also blamed for the price spike, so maybe you can get around it by just buying some land, a few shipping containers and getting creative.

Another thing you can do is get hit by a car and hope the person who hit you stops instead of hit-and-running. After you’ve gone through your painful recovery and physical therapy, there’s a decent payday in suing their insurance company. Just uh, don’t die.

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