More city parks get (kind of) free wifi

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That frisbee has wifi now, when you throw it in Cadman Plaza Park. Photo by Malcolm Pickney, via Parks Department

Because everyone loves being outside, except maybe for a day like today, the city has been working with companies to put wifi in our parks, to make sure we’re productive worker drones for capitalism even when laying in the grass. It’s pretty nice actually, and here’s some good news: the city just got Time Warner and Cablevision to provide wifi in even more city parks. The bad news is that it’s only for 10 minutes at a time. Wait, what?

Yes, while AT&T has decided to forego screwing you over when providing free wifi, two of New York’s most hated telecommunications companies are going the extra mile to both provide wifi and also remind you why you hate them. In parks where Time Warner or Optimum provide wifi, you can get it for free for 10 minutes at a time, three times per 30-days. Then you have to buy access, that lasts until midnight, for 99 cents. That is, unless you have either Cablevision or Time Warner, in which case you get completely free wifi, depending on who’s providing the connection.

The parks with the sorta free service are:

-Brownsville Playground (Cablevision)
-Gravesend Park (Cablevision)
-Herbert Von King Park (Cablevision), also has free wifi all the time
-Steeplechase Park (Cablevision)
-Manhattan Beach Park (Cablevision)
-Marine Park (Cablevision)
-Cadman Plaza Park (Time Warner)
-Carroll Park (Time Warner)
-Prospect Park (Time Warner), free at the Picnic House
-St. John’s Recreation Center (Cablevision)
-Wingate Park (Cablevision)

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