Monday lunchtime linkage

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Bored Wall Street Execs play soldier, don’t serve country [NY Times]
Who knew Lana Del Rey hasn’t been with us forever? [NY Post]
In New York, it’s easy to be a loca-holic [Grubstreet]
Finally, your B.S. in Retro-Arcade Game Refurbishing has a use [WSJ]
It’s always shady in Boerum Hill [DNAInfo]
Are these the best photos of the year? Yes [Reuters]
Ten exceptionally dubious facts about “real” Brooklynites [Taki’s Mag]
Bike-sharing delayed because of ::shakes Magic 8 ball:: Sandy [NY Times]
“Anything to declare?” “Yes, moonrocks.” []
Another fine example of broad statements about 50% of the population [Thought Catalog]


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