Monday lunchtime linkage

GMA kills, apologizes for killing, Christmas spirit [NY Observer]
If a boardwalk is concrete, is it still a boardwalk?[NY Times]
Paging Nic Cage: Weird, multi-million dollar castle for sale in Greenpoint [Curbed]
Creepy German Pope now on Twitter [The Awl]
Class up your Christmas with a  beer can Advent calendar [Laughing Squid]
Adam Levine says Honey Boo Boo is ‘decay of civilization’: pot/kettle? [Mediaite]
Deep thoughts on masculinity [The Good Men Project]
Misogynist Hasidim? Oy vey! [Brooklyn Based]
Hoorary! Red Hook, Coney non-profits get massive Sandy grants [Brownstoner]
Das Racist breaks up, tree falls in forest, no one cares [ANIMAL]
Bah humbug! Where to spend way too much on a stupid tree [Park Slope Stoop]

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