Monday lunchtime linkage

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Goop guide to Brooklyn (yea right Gwyneth Paltrow hangs out in Bushwick) [FiPS]
Europe’s “lost generation” are even more of a burden on society than we are [Business Insider]
Noisy chickens run a fowl of neighbors #ParkSlopeproblems [NY Daily News]
Britta & Annie go pin up in support of Community (NSFW) [Gawker]
President goes commando, according to FLOTUS [NY Magazine]
Bloomberg favoring turd sandwich over giant douche in election [Gothamist]
Oh, are we already panicking that the Nets are soft? Awesome [NYT]
Joe Lentol seems embarrassed about pushing for it, but a Pulaski Bridge bike lane is a Pulaski Bridge bike land [AnimalNY]


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