Monday lunchtime linkage

I see your 8-year-old DJ and raise you a 9-year-old rapper [Daily News]
Back to anti-union hell with you, Walmart [WNYC]
The greatest threat of a generation has been defeated [Daily News]
Can you make a birthday cake out of pepper spray? [Gothamist]
The cooling and uncooling of Brooklyn nabes [Atlantic Cities]
Crown Heights worries about flea invasion [DNA]
More like SLOW line, amiright? [ATZ]


  1. melissarightnow

    Unfortunately the zipline isn’t up and running. I went yesterday and they said they were shut down again and hope to be back up today or sometime this weekend or later this month………

  2. AmusingtheZillion

    Yes, SLOW line! The zipline was open on Thursday night and on Friday when I posted to ATZ. See comment section for details on City closing them down on Saturday

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