Monday lunchtime linkage

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Farewell, East Village Snack Dragon [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]
What shady “non-profits” is YOUR City Council representative funding? [DNA Info]
Brooklyn breaks out the big guns to woo the DNC: Marty Markowitz [Daily News]
Unraveling the financial complexities of why the rent is so damn high [The Q at Parkside]
A Might be Giant on the death of Tommy Ramone, the last Ramone [Slate]
So, Take Back Gowanus was uh…well it happened! [Gowanus Your Face Off]
The Giglio  Feast hands out bread in Williamsburg [New York Times]
Tween metal band from Brooklyn scores million dollar record deal [Gothamist]
A footbridge to Governors Island? Sure, why not [Brooklyn Based]


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