Bushwick’s Molasses Books is fundraising for anti-Trump organizations

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Now it’s a bookstore, bar, coffee shop, AND a place to get involved. via Facebook

There isn’t a lot of good news these days, and this morning proved no different as beloved Cobble Hill bookstore BookCourt announced it was closing after 35 years of serving the neighborhood. But not all indie bookstores are facing extinction just yet, and one such bookstore in Bushwick refuses to let the death march of 2016 portend a four-year sentence in Trump’s America.

Molasses Books (770 Hart St.), the bookstore that doubles as a coffee shop by day and a bar by night, announced a rolling weekly fundraiser wherein 10 percent of the bar’s profits on Friday nights are donated to a different cause or organization. These have included Standing Rock, Planned Parenthood and the American Immigration Council. This Friday, Molasses will donate 10 percent of the bar to Black Lives Matter.

You’re gonna be drunk until the end of 2016, anyway, and this way you’re getting drunk for a good cause.


Some nights, the bar will have events to go along with the boozing. For example, this Friday’s fundraising efforts come with a free evening of translation readings by Lawrence Schimel, Charlotte Whittle and Gary Racz, according to Bushwick Daily, followed by a party.

Can’t make it this Friday? There are still chances to come out and show your support. Dec. 12’s bar will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Dec. 23 is for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. In addition to drinking, you can also donate money directly to the cause through them. But a quick read on the gen-pop mentality of NYC tells us that most would prefer to opt for the drinking.

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