Mismatched ingredients? NPR wants to help you cook your cupboard

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Oh cool, the beginnings of the world’s worst casserole

Having a full cupboard can be nice, but it can also be daunting. At least when the cupboard becomes full of spare parts like canned black beans, turmeric and tuna in oil. We have an entire jar of coconut oil just sitting there that we only bought to rub on a tattoo. The hell do we do with it? Well, we could ask NPR, who’s asking for pictures of baffling surplus food in your cupboard so that expert chefs can tell you how to cook it.

Yep, that’s right, once again, public radio is coming to your rescue. NPR has a “Cook Your Cupboard” Tumblr here, that’s filling up with people’s strange leftover ingredients. The people of Morning Edition will determine what their favorites are (no word on how they do it) and ask chefs live on the air how they would make something edible out of the presumably inedible. Of course, Brooklyn is home to plenty of foodies, know-it-alls and foodie know-it-alls, and NPR is also encouraging people to chime in with tips. So if you’ve got some ideas for these frustrated food owners, don’t be shy, chime in.

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