Men-infected: Meningitis outbreak hits Brooklyn

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You guys! We just got done laughing at Manhattan, and now you have to go and do something like get the Department of Health to declare that gay men in Brooklyn are at risk of a meningitis outbreak. We’re sure you didn’t mean to do it, especially since meningitis can be spread through saliva, so actions as simple as sharing cigarette or glass with someone could get you got. Still!The DOH notes that gay guys in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Brownsville, Downtown, DUMBO, Prospect Heights and Williamsburg are all especially at risk. So if you’ve been thinking about checking out the scene in Borough Park and Midwood, now would be a most excellent time to do so.

All is not lost though, if you still want to hang out where all the kids live these days. There’s a vaccine for meningitis that you can get at your friendly neighborhood doctor’s office. Haven’t been to the doctor in like 10 years? That’s OK, me neither. You can call 311 and they’ll point you in the write direction though. Anyway, be careful out there guys, we wouldn’t want to get a Manhattan kind of reputation around these parts.

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