Men attempt to evict PLG community garden despite no proof of ownership

maple street community garden
The garden, in better times. via Facebook

If you make the decision to evict a community garden (may we ask you please don’t do that?), you need to make sure you have your house in order. You need your backhoes and your trucks and your constitution that allows you not to listen to people’s pleading. Oh! And you gotta bring some proof of ownership, or else the police will bounce you, as two jokers learned recently when they started tearing up Prospect-Lefferts Gardens’ Maple Street Community Garden.

DNA Info shares what would be the slapstick story if it was a piece of fiction of brothers Michael and Joseph Makhani, who stomped over to the Maple Street Community Garden and just started tearing down signs and fences. After garden caretakers confronted the two brothers and asked them what the fuck they were doing, Michael told them “you’ll leave with the backhoes get here,” according to the Maple Street Community Garden blog.

The destruction only stopped when police demanded proof of ownership from the Makhanis and they couldn’t provide any. So, the cops made them leave, like they would anyone who just shows up somewhere and starts destroying shit. The brothers, who’ve been convicted of real estate fraud twice, are promising a long fight and a lawsuit, but our expert legal advice is “Don’t forget the deed if you’re gonna play¬†Rampage on someone’s community garden.”

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