Meet our Atlantic City guest bloggers!

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Naomi and Maggie, bound for Atlantic City.

Choosing someone to guest-blog our Atlantic City press junket wasn’t easy. Entrants included Whitney, who still suffers flashbacks from her last spa visit—to an all-nude German spa with her in-laws (eeuww). Then there was Stella, who begged us to save her and the roommate from another weekend on her “gross old hand-me-down couch.” Jennifer asked us to disabuse her of the notion that AC is “the city equivalent of the Port Authority bathroom.” And we also liked Jeremy from Ohio, who threatened to submit a running diary for a solid 8 hours of the trip:

“Would you like to know about the looks on the massage therapist’s face as she’s forced to knead my muffin top?  How long can I last at a $15 blackjack table while doing my Rainman impression before a security guard escorts me out?”

You bet we would, Jeremy. But in the end, we had to go with Maggie Muldoon and Naomi Solomon, two fun-lovin’ gals who not only impressed us with their humor (they both entered the contest separately), but they could actually drive the Greyhound bus, should they need to. Maggie writes:

“… the only reason I live in New York is because a few years ago I caught a Craigslist Rideshare on a Cessna airplane out of Boulder, Colorado one fateful day that took me and a friend all the way to the east coast for 35 bucks, on the condition that we actually flew the plane while the pilot snacked and did crosswords. No joke!”

We’ll sleep much better knowing that all of the other bloggers on the trip are in safe hands. Congrats, Maggie and Naomi, and big thanks to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win, please don’t give up! We promise to pass lots more graft on to our little darlings in days to come.

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