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Meatup hangover: second-chance connections

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Photo by Mark Sullivan Bernal.

We’re still climbing the ladder of recovery after last night’s totally slamming, wall-to-wall-packed, dance-floor-makey-outey BK Meat Up. But oh what a night! The sights! The pumping jamz! That lingering Busch hangover! The sopping wet Wolverine hipster who was triumphant over his bro competitors! That guy in the Bill Murrays baseball shirt whose picture was on the screen, like, 1,000 times!

Plus: That cute girl’s number we got that we’re totally going to call! Success!

According to all the twitterings and bloggings going on last night and today, more than a few people made  solid connections in the hormone-soaked singlespalooza that was the Bell House last night. But not everyone got the hookup they wanted. A few Missed Connections have been popping up on Craigslist this morning, because apparently even a singles event that encouraged each other to treat each other like meat wasn’t enough for some people to work up the cojones to talk to each other—or maybe we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume some intrusion of circumstance broke their game.

But we still love you, and still want your mack phone to ring. So if you are the subject of these missed connections, please e-mail these poor folks (and try to ignore their passive aggressive approach to meeting you):

singles mixer – m4w – 27 (Bell Haus)

ME: leather jacket, white striped button-up shirt, jeans. Distracted trying to wingman for my all too sad friend.

You: cute, not short, but shorter than me, dark straight hair, great cleavage, probably only slightly noticed me–preoccupied with guys you didn’t seem interested in.

Let’s chill. ;)

Laura…bellhouse…Laura? – m4w (Park Slope)

I waited for ya, but you never came back :(

In my drunken stupor I thought, fuck it, and went home to sleep. I hope you it was all an awful mistake and you read this…and write me.


Hey, and why not go to the BK Meatup’s Facebook page and talk about it too? There are a few hundred people on there who can help you find that girl or guy who fits that glass shoe.


  1. Not Laura

    “In my drunken stupor I thought, fuck it, and went home to sleep.”

    Wow, if Laura doesn’t come running for that one, she’s certain to miss out.

  2. Sarah

    Seriously, all the dude remembers is brown hair and “great cleavage” and he thinks a woman will respond to that? Oh well, stranger things have happen and there are a lot of women out there with low self esteem…

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