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Meat Hook Sandwich has $25 a steak and unlimited beer Wednesdays now

meat hook sandwich
Here be a bunch of beer. Kind of… via Facebook

Contrary to whatever the Times‘ next anthropological field study of Brooklyn finds, we’re not all raw vegans yet. Places like Meat Hook Sandwich (495 Lorimer Street) are here for you omnivores, except they keep to an 11am-4pm schedule which kind of limits things, since, shockingly, some of us work. Meat Hook’s making tumbling off the vegan wagon (or hopping on the paleo wagon) a little easier though, by offering a $25 steak, salad and unlimited beer dinner option on Wednesdays, starting this week according to Brooklyn Based.

Yep, you read that right. Wednesdays from 5pm-9pm mean you get a solid cut of steak, some salad and UNLIMITED Miller High Life for $25. Don’t get too excited about the endless booze though. We were told by someone at Meat Hook that “it’s a steak special, not a drinking competition” and “if people come and try to drink their faces off we’re going to kick them out.”

Our instinct is to challenge anyone who says something like that to some sort of Old West-style duel, so we’d probably overstay our welcome by the time we step into the restaurant, which we were reminded is “a restaurant, not a bar.” A Williamsburg business that is actively not a bar? Oh, Williamsburg, you used to be cool.

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