Meat Hook looks to steer people to Meat Hook Sandwich in January

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Like this, but on bread, and with some vegetables. Maybe cheese, too. via Facebook

Those of us who try to be ethical meat eaters (shut up, vegans) are familiar with The Meat Hook, the Brooklyn emporium of all things dead delicious animals who at least weren’t treated like shit before they died. Having conquered the world of providing raw meat to people, The Meat Hook is going into an exciting new world of serving meat, by opening a sandwich shop in Williamsburg this January. Sorry people who work in Manhattan, we don’t see this as being a Seamless option.

The shop, which will be creatively named Meat Hook Sandwich, will be located on Lorimer Street, next door to Gimme! Coffee, and will open some time in January. We spoke with co-owner Tom Mylan, who said that while things are a bit up in the air at the moment, the plan is to provide five different sandwiches there every day: a Roast Beef sub, an Italian sub, a Turkey sub, a Grilled Ham and Cheese and a Roast Pork sandwich. In the winter and fall, you can get the sandwiches piping hot, and in the spring and summer the sandwiches will come cold, so the sandwiches will always offer a bit of seasonal relief.

Mylan said the price range should be between $8 to $14 per sandwich, with a planned vegetarian option being the cheapest and the more expensive sandwiches having more meat on them. So you know, there’s a payoff for the extra loot. Plus, despite being sandwich meat, all of the meat will be sourced from the same farms that Meat Hook gets their grass-fed beef from, so you’re also paying for humane treatment (shut up, vegans).

In addition to the normal five sandwiches, Mylan told us that there will also be daily specials, but it all depends on how much and what kind of meat is left over at the butcher shop, with potential pulled pork sandwiches as a possibility if there’s pork shoulder left over. All we know is, it doesn’t matter how much Sriracha you put on your sandwiches Subway, you’d best watch your backs now.

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