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Meanwhile in Europe, they have a Champagne vending machine

See, this is the kind of vending machine you break into. via Luxury Daily

Sure, you think that Brooklyn’s bike part vending machines might be a little strange and a sign of times you’re just not comfortable living in. At least those serve the specific purpose of providing help to cyclists when bike shops aren’t open or are far from where you got a flat. And those are paragons of sensibility compared to this Moet Champagne vending machine seen in England, which is already in a liquor store. You know, where you can just ask someone for help if you need your Champagne.

We’re not going to say that this is proof that we live in disgusting era where people literally see employees in retail stores as interchangeable automatons not worthy of their time or respect, but if YOU were going to say that we wouldn’t stop you.

[via Grub Street]

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