Bill de Blasio threatens to rip the arms off of rude subway riders

Given that he rode into City Hall on a wave of support and good feelings not seen for a Democrat since before we were born, the prospect of Bill de Blasio turning heel on New York City and threatening its people with violence seemed unthinkable. Yet here we are, with Mayor Tall showing up on Late Night with Seth Meyers and (admittedly a little awkwardly) excoriating people who won’t stop looking at their phones while walking down the street and subway riders insist on wearing giant backpacks on crowded trains. Getting more graphic, Mayor Tall threatened to “rip somebody’s arms off” if he comes across a subway car where no one will give their seat to a pregnant woman.┬áThen again, we suppose if beloved liberal icon Jon Stewart can make a shocking heel turn, a tolerated liberal guy in a suit can get on a mic and insult his base before swearing to become an agent of brutal extrajudicial violence.

[h/t Gothamist]

Behold,the face of your destruction
Behold,the face of your destruction

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