Maybe the ‘Orange is the New Black’ set thief was just trying to get their own show?

orange is the new black
Prison girls are not impressed

It happens with every popular show. People get really into a show and want to emulate their televised heroes, be they meth-makers or female prison inmates. And after we had cops who thought they were a bunch of Hank Schraders in Coney Island, now we’ve got an enterprising thief in Park Slope stealing from the Orange is the New Black set, like she’s some kind of Daya.

DNA Info listed the theft in their police blotter, although it’s not really an exciting crime beyond the fact that it involved a famous TV (Netflix?) show. The crafty thief stole five wire-banded cables from the set at the Grace United Methodist Church in Park Slope. The investigation is ongoing, but with any luck, this won’t lead to other copycatish crimes, because we don’t want to see what a Boardwalk Empire-themed crime ends up being.

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