Marty Markowitz lands job encouraging people to visit not Manhattan

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Oh what, you thought he wasn’t going to end up with a job like this?

Ever since he was term-limited out of the Borough President’s office, people have been wondering what former BP/Junior’s cheesecake magically brought to life Marty Markowtiz would be doing with his time. And now we have an answer from the New York Observer, who says that Marty has a job in the city’s tourism office. That job? Encouraging people to visit everywhere in New York except for Manhattan. Did you really think the Christmas card was going to be the last we heard of him?

Marty is going to be working for NYC & Company, as the vice president of borough promotion and engagement. Which is a fancy way of saying that his job is to tell prospective tourists, “Manhattan? That place is for suckers. I’ll show you the Bronx.” It’s really weird to imagine that Marty Markowitz is going to tell people to to visit places other than Brooklyn, but we’re sure that his pitches to visit Queens and Staten Island will include the fact that they have easy access to Brooklyn as well.

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