Martha Stewart and the Martha Stewart Bloggers

Ms. Hire Me Martha, Briana Campbell (blond, lower right), rapt at attention.
Ms. Hire Me Martha, Briana Campbell (blond, lower right) at Martha's Blog Show

For a site not explicitly about crafting, cooking, decorating, gardening or any other domestic pastime (although we do enjoy all of those), we have sort of an on-again, on-again relationship with Martha Stewart. Today was Martha’s Blog Show, and we were there, along with a bunch of mommy bloggers from Philly and a studio-full of brightly-dressed house & home chroniclers. And Martha had quite an array of, well, Martha bloggers: Daughter Alexis was there, with her blogging-partner, Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt (the Whatever Radio duo); there was Jeff Blumenkrantz, a guy cooking and blogging his way through Martha Stewart’s Cooking School (yes, he knows the movie); and then there was Brooklyn’s Briana Campbell, still looking for that perfect job, now with her big shot, face to face with… Martha herself.

Campbell started her blog Hire Me Martha back in October with the sole purpose of landing a job with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Campbell has baked, stitched, crafted, designed, networked—done whatever she could to get the attention of anyone with a say at the Stewart media empire.

And now it’s gotten her noticed. Not only was Campbell at the show this morning, but she was front-and-center, all made-up and chatting with Stewart on the air. “Today was an amazing opportunity for me,” Campbell says. “I was really excited to be there and just have the chance to speak for a few moments about my blog and my activities.”

So, will Campbell finally get a job with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia? (Her new blog could be called… Hired Me Martha?)  Still no verdict there, but she will be setting up an appointment to work one day with the show’s art department. And Stewart did seem genuinely impressed by this stuffed octopus.

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