Trying to blog her way into a Martha Stewart job

Hire her, Martha
Hire her, Martha.

For Briana Campbell, a.k.a MatchGirl of Unemployed Brooklyn fame (remember her?) desperate times are calling for some creative and crafty measures. Briana, a Greenpoint bloger who has turned being unemployed into a full-time job, is still without paid work, and now she’s taking a new, and hit-me-over-the-head-with-it, approach toward securing her dream gig of working for Martha Stewart. The result? Hire Me Martha, Briana’s month-and-half-old blog devoted solely to getting hired by the food/home/craft/wedding/pets empire that is Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

In October, reflecting upon her past year of unemployment, Briana took stock of her skills, interests and passions, and decided to start a new blog that would serve as her online audition for Martha:

“I want to be doing things that I enjoy. I want to be able to work in a creative environment and get to be creative and to be surrounded by creative people. I want to work somewhere where creativity and a passion for all things creative (crafts, arts, sewing, baking cooking, gardening) is the status quo. And that’s hard to find, even in New York. Many of you have messaged me or e-mailed me to attempt to get me a connection at her company, and I really appreciate it. Many of you have said that she is a bitch, but the simple fact of the matter is that I’ve worked for a bunch of real tough people, and taken a lot of crap, and not one of them was as successful (or had really any excuse for being so rude, except that power had gone to their heads) as Martha Stewart. And, a few of you have said that she has a hiring freeze (which is probably very true—so many places do!), but that can’t last forever, can it?”

The blogger transformed her “FUNemployment” blog to “Hire Me Martha,” an ongoing campaign to showcase her passion for crafts, baking and all things Martha-oriented. In her 12 posts so far, Briana has featured a colorful array of handmade originals like a re-purposed vinyl bag, stuffed elephants for kids, vintage-bicycle wallpaper and most recently, artistic portraits of her Thanksgiving dinner. Then there’s also the weekly post about “how much I want to work for Martha and the reasons that she should hire me,” Briana writes.

Campbell made this octopus for her friend's new-born
Campbell made this octopus for her friend's newborn son.

Though Campbell’s dedicated blog campaign isn’t the most traditional route toward employment, blogs have opened many a career door in the recent past—and not only for Julia-Child obsessives. A few months ago, author Daniel Radosh was hired for the Daily Show on the basis of a blog post.

So far Briana hasn’t heard back from Martha or anyone from her empire (neither have we) but she did score a ticket to the taping of Martha’s Brooklyn show a few weeks back. “Martha was everything I had hoped she would be,” the blogger reported. “Please no jokes about insider trading or that you know she’s a bitch—she was totally self-deprecating and professional (and, once or twice, funny).” Let’s hope her HR people have a sense of humor too—fingers crossed that Briana’s next blog will be called Employed in Brooklyn.


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