Spend 4/20 at a paranormal seance in Dumbo

Instead of spending 4/20 drowning in your couch while Pineapple Express blares in the background for the fifth time, get out of your house and show your stoner friends how to celebrate the holiday right—speaking to the dead. Brooklyn Paranormal Society is bringing exclusively positive vibes on April 20 with Stoned Seance, a leader-assisted seance with plenty of activities to space out to.

Psychic Paula Taylor will guide attendees through the spiritual world and ask the dead your questions, so long as they doen’t kill the mood (she specifically only works with “positivity and good vibes”). There will also be a mix-your-own-potion bar run by Brooklyn’s own Botanist Barbara. Other activities at the seance include live theremin music with lessons, metagemology workshops, reading stations and more.

It’s not until April, but you can buy tickets for $30 now before you forget. The festivities begin at 7pm at 68 Jay St. in Dumbo.

Brooklyn Paranormal Society was founded over beers in 2015 to created a community centered around a shared interest in exploring the paranormal world. The society omits the credulous thrills that your typical tourist trap ghost tour boasts and instead takes you on real investigations. Joining the 750-plus member society is completely free, but they suggest a donation of $5 to help keep the spirits alive.

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