Make the cronut craze work for you, by scalping them

Better than selling drugs. via Dominque Ansel
Better than selling drugs. via Dominque Ansel

Everywhere you turn nowadays, people are talking about cronuts, the croissant/doughnut hybrid that’s taken over the world. People would talk your ear off about them if it weren’t for the fact that they’re busy waiting in line to buy and then quickly eat a cronut and then get back in line. But at least one enterprising soul out there is taking advantage of the craze by buying, and then selling cronuts to people desperate to eat them but without the time to waste to stand on lines. Hey, why don’t you do that too?

A tipster sent us this Craigslist ad from a person who offered to wait on line at SoHo’s Dominque Ansel bakery, buy the maximum six you’re allowed to buy and then deliver them, at a markup, natch, around the city. $20/$25 in Manhattan, $30 in Queens and a whopping $40 for a cronut here in humble Brooklyn. So where do you come in?

Well, if you’re unemployed, underemployed or maybe a drug dealer and used to this kind of gouging and gray market, why not get in this person’s business and start waiting in line? Even better if you don’t care about food trends, because this fool ate one of the cronuts and therefore only had five to sell at ridiculous prices. But you don’t care about that, you’re just in it for the cream. And of course, if you can undercut this person too, because while people would blanche at the idea of paying $40 for a cronut here, what would they say to $25? We bet yes. So go forth, brokesters, go forth and wait in line, so you can take advantage of the trend-humping rich!

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