Make a TV show with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Seriously

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Hey there, frustrated writers. Still no word from Always Sunny star Glenn Howerton even after you sent him that pilot idea you slaved over? Bummer. But hey, there’s always the next celebrity reaching down from their Hollywood perch to pluck some normies from obscurity. And in this instance, that celebrity is magic talking fedora/your imaginary boyfriend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has his own internet production company called Hit RECord. Hit RECord is going to make an actual televised television show, and they’re turning to the internet for content for it.

What kind of television show? Why a variety show, of course, because that’s what’s really popular according to the tailors from 1936 that dress the godfather of male twee. The following video explains the way JGL plans to involve you (yes, you and only you) in the next hit variety show on a new cable channel, Pivot, named after the act of turning away from something:

Honestly, considering he could probably just ask for submissions and get them without paying, it’s not a bad deal to offer to writers, musicians or “curators” who are looking for a break. Plus the split for anyone whose work gets picked is 50-50. After “costs” of course, which hopefully don’t run to Sarah Palin levels of overhead. This all ignores the question of whether or not people will actually watch a variety show in the year 2013, but look deeply in those mischievous  well-dressed eyes and tell us that you don’t just melt. Want in? First get a three piece suit from that’d fit in Tin Pan Alley and then sign up to join Hit RECord here.

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