Major in Metroid: NYU opening video game campus Downtown

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Metroid actually does bring up issues of gender identity and assumption

Remember when you were a kid and had already given up on your dream of sports stardom because you were uncoordinated and kinda goofy? It’s fine, we gave up pretty early too. Then you figured you’d do the next most fun-looking thing out there, which was design video games. Except that didn’t pan out either because colleges didn’t really take games too seriously. Sorry about that. Especially since now the next generation of damn kids actually will get the opportunity to major in video games, and at NYU of all places. And they’ll get to do all their learning in Brooklyn. God kids have it good now.

According to the Post, NYU, which had been requiring students to move between its normal campus an offshoot here in Brooklyn, is going to open up new digs in MetroTech Center Downtown where students can study things like game design, game engineering and games for learning. Which are the worst kind of games, except for the Oregon Trail, maybe. So will this do anything to dispel the stereotype of new Brooklyn as a Never Never Land where bearded man-children spend more time shopping for Spider-Man underoos that fit than have vicious street fights for honor? Well, no.

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