Magazine editor to Brooklyn: F*ck You

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Paper Magazine’s Kim Hastreiter has two words for Brooklyn. Paper Magazine photo by Jacqueline Di Milia.

Paper Magazine’s Kim Hastreiter writes (while nevertheless sporting “Brooklyn cool” specs): “I’m sick of Brooklyn the look, Brooklyn the cool and Brooklyn the aesthetic… If I see another Edison light bulb or indie, vintage-furnished Ace-style hotel open up, or one more white, bearded, tattooed, apron-clad, work-booted hipster standing behind the counter of a shop selling pork bellies, small-batch gin, organic barber shop products or old-school, authentic, artisanal, heritage, sustainable, distressed-looking anything, I swear I will throw up….”  READ MORE

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  1. Beware my young charges: This is what happens when you get older (‘back in the day’ disease: i.e., the older I get, the better it was) and when you view life as a “brand.”

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