Macy’s comes back to teach your kids to fish again this summer

Teach a kid to fish and they'll keep bothering you to go do it. Photo by Flickr's Martin Ruiz.
Teach a kid to fish and they’ll keep bothering you to go do it. Photo by Flickr’s Martin Ruiz.

Living in New York City, you don’t get too many opportunities to learn how to commune with nature, and more importantly, learn to kill things in it in an effective manner. No one wants to grow up to be the one in the group who doesn’t know how to fish, and this summer you can prevent that happening to your kid or the kid you babysit when free fishing clinics return to Prospect Park in July.

The Macy’s-sponsored clinics, open to any child 15 and under who’s accompanied by a parent or guardian,¬†will start on July 7 and run every Saturday and Sunday in August at 1pm and 3pm. While there, kids can learn proper casting techniques, a fishing safely and how to be fish-friendly when you’re out casting on a stream. That last one is kind of important, since the fishing is of the catch-and-release variety, which means you’ll have to teach the kid how to gut and clean a fish somewhere else. Well, one step at a time.

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