Love Williamsburg waterfront shows? Speak up tonight!

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If you’re free tonight and love those free Williamsburg waterfront summer concerts, you should be a good civic citizen and swing by this public meeting at The People’s Firehouse (113 Berry St.) at 6:30. Mcbrooklyn today points us to a flyer for a meeting at the community activist group’s headquarters in Williamsburg to “evaluate” the concerts, which, if you didn’t know, have caused quite a lot of controversy concerning noise and the general awkward mixing of concert crowds and neighborhood residents. Kurt Hill, director of outreach for People’s Firehouse, told us input from the meeting will be used when the group talks to local politicians about the future of the shows.

“It’s concerned residents who live in the neighborhood, who discuss the concerts and evaluate the concerts,” she says. “Everybody’s welcome, pro and con. Everybody’s welcome to attend.”

If 10 years of local government reporting tells us anything, it’s that the “con” people are way more likely to show up, so just keep that in mind.

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