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Apply now: $539/month studios, $900/month 2BRs in DUMBO

60 water street
Home sweet potential home. via The Real Deal

Well, it may be a harsh and unforgiving winter at the moment, but at least you can keep warm by imagining yourself living in a sweet, cheap apartment. Your odds for snagging just one of the 4 magical $1000/month places in Williamsburg might be low, but now DNA Info has found an even bigger glut of affordable housing hitting the market in DUMBO, with a building on 60 Water Street taking applications for 58 studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms, ranging from $539/month to $893/month.

Like every other affordable housing lottery, the applications that are sent in will be drawn randomly, so once you send in an application you’ll just have to sit and wait. Residents of Community Board 2 get preference for 50% of the apartments, and the apartments’ income requirements range from a minimum $19,024 per year to $41,950 per year.

Oh sure, you think that maybe DUMBO doesn’t have the cachet of Williamsburg, but guys, let’s face it: North Brooklyn is over, it’s been seized by rich jackals and no-talent art humpers. Better that you don’t live there, and instead call DUMBO’s beautiful cobblestone streets your home. Plus, rich people hate this building, so once you moved in, it’d be like starring in your own slobs vs. snobs comedy, and you’d be on the side of the slobs.


  1. Check out the application..if you’re single, you’re all probably making too much money to qualify for one of these apartments. The city could use more housing for regular people, not just the super rich or super poor.

  2. Vonetta

    I agree – how about more affordable housing for the middle class? I make too much to qualify for these lotteries but don’t make enough to afford the regular market rents.

  3. Vonetta

    I agree, Rich. How about more affordable housing for the middle class? I make too much to qualify for these lotteries but not enough to pay the regular market rents.

  4. Michael York

    I lived in that area all my life. The change is beautiful and I love it. I remember when it was nothing but factories and dock areas. I still don’t want to leave so I hope I can get lucky enough to win their lottery. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Theresa M. Bobbitt

    This is why I get frustrated! My income / family supercedes what’s required! So, tell me! What’s available for the people that make a substantial income of $45,000 w/one dependent (self)?

  6. Ms. Elsie Ortiz

    I would like to be place in a housing lottery for 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, please sent me application for 60 Water Street DUMBO section. I had submitted application once before, however did not rec. any correspondent back. Please reply back Thank you. Ms. Elsie Ortiz

  7. I agree with Rich as a young single female with no kids, and working in healthcare, I make over the limit for affordable housing yet I don’t make enough for a regular “market rate” apartment. The city always caters to low income or high income and always leaves the middle income out…and we all have to move way far out from our jobs with long commutes b/c that’s all we can afford with no help or benefits from new housing. The system rewards people with more kids and those of us single with no kids or only one kid don’t get a break.

  8. delilah santos

    i am a cancer patient looking for a nice place to live i would like aan application for 60 water street in dumbo thank you and god bless. address is 120 Chauncey street in brooklyn n.y 11233 apt 5j.

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