Live from New York it’s the Saturday Night Live ticket lottery!

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It’s you last chance to see Seth Meyers. via Facebook

Want to see Saturday Night Live but don’t want to wait in a line in the bitter cold with a whole bunch of strangers? Too bad! Oh no, wait, not too bad. Not yet anyway. This entire month you’ve got the opportunity to enter into NBC’s ticket lottery for the venerable comedy institution, and who knows, maybe they’ll pick you instead of someone who’ll come for the weekend from Topeka.

Entering to get the tickets is as simple as it is random and cruel. Just shoot an email anytime this month to snltickets [at] with your contact information. And then…you wait. If you’re selected you get two free tickets, so don’t tell your friends you won, or all the ones you don’t bring will freaking hate you.

Who knows, maybe you have better odds this year because half of the recognizable cast is off the show, and people will stop themselves when they realize they can’t see Stefon, Ian Rubbish or Jason Sudekis as Joe Biden. Then again, this is probably also Seth Meyers’ last season before he ascends to “Late Night,” so getting tickets for this season could mean you see his emotional farewell. Alternately, you could just spend more time exploring Brooklyn’s up and coming crop of late night comedy shows. But hey, we’re not your boss.

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