Listen up: BuzzFeed is hiring a podcast producer

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He’s busy, but maybe you can help them out?

We might have a little good-humored internecine NYC blog squabbling with BuzzFeed sometimes (they’re still wrong, for what it’s worth), but here’s something undeniable: they are flush with fun regular money and they’re not afraid to use it to hire people. To that end, they’re looking for a podcast producer now, so if you know how to make them sounds come out of the computer all nice, this could be for you.

You might think an established brand like BuzzFeed would require their podcast producer to have previous media experience. Nope, this is the internet and there are no rules! All they’re looking for is someone who has “significant experience producing and creating podcasts.” So if you’re a Maron in your own mind, you probably shouldn’t apply. But if you can show your buzzy interviewers that you’ve been working on a podcast that cracks the iTunes Top 100, and all without a big name attached, why not go out and try to get it.

The podcasts will be distributed via SoundCloud, so make sure you know how to actually use that before you jump in. Also, you’ll need to be good at bothering people to actually follow through on the podcast ideas that they come up with while working with you, so just make sure you don’t have a problem occasionally playing bad podcop.

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