Monday linkage: Buy a snowed-in Prius for $100

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Prius, defeated by the very environment it was trying to save.

Somebody in Greenpoint is (probably jokingly) selling their snowed-in Prius [Craigslist]

New York’s animal shelters are doing great [NYT]

Moving to the suburbs will literally kill you [Brick Underground]

Michelle Williams might force this woman to move to New Jersey [Curbed]

David Bowie got his own NYC street during the blizzard [Bowery Boogie]

Snow cocktails, candy and ice cream: Creative ways to use snow [DNAinfo]

ATM skimmers target cash-only restaurant [Gothamist]

Finally, a perfume for us [Reddit]

Their number got called: A new generation takes over Sahadi’s [NYO]

How Bushwick is fighting back against developer harassment [Bushwick Daily]

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