Lifehack: $5 Amazon credit for pimping out your Facebook wall

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Selling advertising space on your face is a maybe desperate,maybe genius maneuver, because it follows you everywhere. Because it’s attached to you. But what about selling ad space on your Facebook? Is there anything wrong with that at all? Would anyone possibly think less of you? Hell, would anyone even listen to you? Ford seems to think they would, because they’re willing to give you a five dollar credit on Amazon to say something, anything about what you think about one of their cars. If you’re an Amazon shopper, what reason could you have not to do this?

Maybe you’re the kind of person who has a carefully curated online persona and see your Facebook wall as a reflection of yourself. On the other hand, maybe you’re the kind of person who does something like post the same music video everyday for a month straight, because why wouldn’t you do that? In that case, what’s the harm in making a buck off online marketers trying to get in on this crazy new internet fad all the hep kids are into? The terms and conditions don’t say anything about  having to be positive, as you can see above. Your friends will just ignore it, thinking it’s more nonsense from you, and your Amazon account will be five dollars richer. Why not put it towards buying No Logo?

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