Levi’s offering free bike tune-ups, coffee and wifi in Williamsburg

levi's commuter workspace
Beats being on a train. via Facebook

It’s the summer, so all you hip young people with your flowing hair and cool offices might be biking to work now and need some help with bike upkeep. Also, you lousy freelancers with non-air conditioned apartments might want to go somewhere with air conditioning without having to pay for the privilege. Because of your desirable demographic characteristics, Levi’s will be helping both classes of people with their Williamsburg Levi’s Commuter Workspace pop-up, where you can get free coffee, free wifi, free bike repair and free air conditioning until the end of July.

The Commuter Workspace (261 Metropolitan Avenue) pop-up is a month-long coworking/bike repair/free coffee/tailoring/air conditioned space that you can stop in to from 10am to 7pm Mondays through Thursdays, 10am to 9pm on Fridays and 11am to 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays, until July 26. While there, you can treat yourself to free coffee courtesy of Grady’s Cold Brew, free bike tune-ups courtesy of Transportation Alternatives and free wifi and air conditioning courtesy of Levi’s.

Of course, it’s not JUST a miraculous free space with free wifi and free coffee, there are also going to be things like panel discussion, zine swaps, guest DJs, bike maintenance classes and other events (check the whole calendar here) going on in the space that could distract you from your work. That being said, free coffee, wifi and air conditioning never killed anyone. Except for that guy who exploded his own heart from drinking too much coffee while laying out his website in an air conditioned room that was set way way too cold. You’re probably not him though.

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