Let comedians find you love at Friends of Single People tonight

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Like this, but Danny Tamberelli and Emmy Blotnick will be up there instead of your lousy friends. via Meatball Presents

Have you been unlucky at love this summer? That’s a shame, what with everyone trying their damndest to get a summer boo to spend lazy days at the beach and bone-filled nights at home (or the beach) with. Don’t despair just yet though, because if you’re single and want a little help meeting that special someone, tonight’s Friends of Single People takes the power to find you love away from your lousy useless friends and gives it to the people who know you best: Brooklyn comedians who you’ve probably never met!

In case you haven’t been to Friends of Single People before, we’ll explain briefly. It’s like The Dating Game, except instead of you sitting up there with other bachelors answering questions about your dating prowess, one of your friends is representing you, answering questions as you. Also, the lovely bachelorette sitting on the other side of the stage is also actually someone’s friend representing her. Then the friend picks someone’s friend (hopefully your friend, as you) for her, and the two single people get a drink at the bar.

Got that? Great, now throw that all out. Since the Brooklyn Comedy Festival is this week, tonight’s avatars representing you are going to be comedians who know very little about you. That could work out well though, because we imagine that the likes of Emmy Blotnick or Danny¬†Tamberelli or Anna Drezen are funnier than your friends, so they’ll probably make you sound more impressive than you are. It all goes down at 8pm at Littlefield (622 Degraw Street, Gowanus) and will cost you just $7.

Honestly, this almost sounds good enough that it’d be worth it to dump your boyfriend and head to Littlefield, so that one day you can tell your friends that you and your husband met when Little Pete answered questions while pretending to be you in a Brooklyn dating game show. It’s such a weird thing to say it’s guaranteed to grind all conversation to an awkward halt!

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