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Less than 24 hours until Rockaway Taco opens for the season!

Hello old friend
Hello old friend

Now that we’re all ready to go for the summer, it’s time to start planning trips to the Rockaways. No, not to look hip and disaffected for fashion, but to enjoy the beach and support the local economy. And joy of joys, the Rockaway Taco countdown clock is showing less than 24 hours until they’re back to slinging tacos to the masses. Field trip!

That’s right, at 11am tomorrow you can be chowing down on tacos and staring pensively at the ocean while you eat them. Kinda like that scene at the end of Barton Fink but with tacos instead of what’s probably a human head in a box. It may be a bit of a trek to get down there, but one must make sacrifices for a beach trip and delicious tacos.

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