Free birdwatching classes will make you more interesting

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Because there are more than pigeons in this city. via Flickr user zigazou76

Can you not tell the difference between the red-footed booby and just a regular booby? Just like having the opportunity to say “booby” in polite conversation? You should try birdwatching then. But how to learn about it, aside from just reading how to do it in a book, which is booooring? Turns out that now you can join up with the Brooklyn Bird Club at Prospect Park, who’ll be happy to teach you.

Every Saturday, starting this Saturday and going through to October 26, the Bird Club will meet at the Audubon Center in Prospect Park at noon. While there, they’ll spend an hour teaching you about the many varieties of birds you can find in Prospect Park. While knowing how to properly be a birdwatcher doesn’t have a huge amount of real world value, in the sense that you could make money off of it, it could be useful for showing off how smart you are to a date, right? Just don’t bring up boobies too much. Especially since the red-footed booby is a bird native to the world’s tropical regions.

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