It’s Leap Day! Here are some deals to (sorry) leap into

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Leap Baby really killed the Leap Dave legacy.

This week’s 30 Rock really made us wish that Leap Day was more of a thing, but it turns out there’s not that much going on for it. C’mon folks! It’s a freak day! Alternate timeline! The best deals for celebrating today seem to be only good for leap babies, in which case you’ve got a bunch of freebies and parties in your honor. The rest of us get a few discounts, from cheaper wine to free cookies. Will you take Leap Dave’s advice and use this extra day to take a leap on something? Drink something strange? Sell your underwear? Buy some toys? Ask out your internet crush?

First, if your birthday is today (Happy sweet 16, Jerry!), the Voice lists a bunch of great once-in-every-four-years deals for all you leap babies, including a dozen free cupcakes, half-priced drinks and a biggest little kids party featuring pinatas, Wii and Rock Band at Village Pour House.

Free cookie with purchase at Subway

Half-price drinks at a bunch of bars around Brooklyn today for Yelp Drinks (not officially a Leap Day thing, but you do get an extra day to enjoy it)

29 albums for $3 each from Google Music

Special Leap Day fare sales from Southwest (none which leave from NYC. Womp womp)

20 percent off any bottle of wine at Astor Wines (399 Lafayette St., Manhattan) until 9pm.

save 29 percent all full-priced items at banana republic online with promo code ‘brleapyear’ (via the skint)

Free food and coffee samples, plus networking, at this Becoming Brooklyn meetup at 61 Local tonight.

If you know of more deals, please add them below!

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  1. This is a TOTAL alternate timeline day!!  The one day you don’t need to fly all the way to Vegas to drop your pants in public (and get away with it by doing a comical shrug).  This day is entirely off the map … the VERY least you should do is wear a cape.  

    …When you go into Subway for your free cookie.

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