Submit your short film to the latest Brooklyn film festival, at…Crest Hardware?

crest film fest
This guy made short films once, we bet.

Looking for some recognition on your visionary avant garde short film? Or just decided you want to shoot three minutes of a smack cam on black and white film and play it in slow motion to the tune of an Evanescence song? Well your big break is here! Crest Hardware is proud to announce this year’s Quickie Crest Film Fest, featuring short films (really short, one to seven minutes) from local filmmakers. Which local filmmakers? They’ve got a call out for submissions now, so it could be you! The open call for submissions is asking anyone who lives in New York City for a submission of a short short film, free of charge, on the theme of “community.” Just get it in by Wednesday, July 30 and then you wait to see if you’ve been picked. Whether your film makes it or not, be sure to stop by for the festival on August 14, at 7:30pm at Crest Hardware (558 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg). If those 15 minute short films are just laboriously long you can’t even keep your eyes open, then this festival is for you! It takes a special kind of awesome to really reach someone in less than seven minutes, so let us see what you’ve got.

If you haven’t been over to Crest Hardware in Williamsburg you’re missing out. Okay, I realize that sounds like a ridiculous statement, a hardware store? Yes, a hardware store, and at the risk of sounding even more ridiculous, you should really go check out Crest Fest, their Summer Art Show, and say hi to Franklin, the pot-bellied pig who runs free throughout the store. Then come August, stop by, pick up some mulch, get a key made, and check out some local films!

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