Last night’s Nets game was delayed by a leaky roof

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Yeah, we’ve been there

If you live in New York City long enough, you will eventually have to deal with the prospect of a leaky roof when it rains. Apparently this universal problem extends to our sports teams too, as the Nets/Heat game was delayed last night because the roof of the (billion-dollar) Barclays Center started leaking during the light rain. Really gives you confidence that the apartments being built next to it will definitely leak.

Near the end of the first quarter of an eventual loss to the Heat, officials stopped the game as they noticed water pooling on the floor. As you’ll see from the video below, via The Brooklyn Game, they quickly figured out it was due to a leak from the roof.

Using all of the technology available to a team that plays in a billion-dollar arena with the league’s highest payroll, the Nets…put down some towels and then used a small garbage can followed by a different, bigger garbage can to try to catch the water. Hey, we can relate to that! We can also relate to the reason they gave for the leak, which was apparently due to construction of the Barclays Center’s green roof.


Catching a leak with garbage cans, their landlord doing some crazy shit with the roof that they have no control of, THIS is a Nets team that really speaks to us. Maybe if they’d had more foibles like this and less yelling about how Brooklyn they are, we’d be more willing to switch our Knicks allegiance.

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