Bushwick’s Unit J to host alternative ladies night with free drinks for men who flash their tits

“The theme is about celebrating women and objectifying men” musician and event organizer Megg Farrell told me with wink. If you are looking to party this weekend and want to support some of Brooklyn’s up and coming female artists then look no further then the Ladies Night event hosted by event space Unit J.

I met with Megg to discuss this fresh Bushwick venue putting the spotlight on women. 


Megg Farrell. Photo by Ruthie Darling
Megg Farrell. Photo by Ruthie Darling

What is Unit J?

Unit J is a collective of musicians, actors and filmmakers based in Bushwick. It started out as a warehouse party venue. The nights would begin as shows, but would turn into these epic jams or huge parties that were known to go until 6am. It was founded by musician and actor Eli Bridges who is also in my band. I was his neighbor, that’s how we met.

How has it grown?

Well, it stared out very low budget and now has a full audio and sound capabilities with people renting out the space regularly. It’s set up for audio production, video and live performances. We just starting working with an investor so hopefully soon will be a real venue. As a collective we performed recently at South By Southwest and the Northside Festival, which really helped to raise the profile. Unit J is a space where anything goes. It’s unpretentious and open, not too cool. A lot of us are nerds – nerds who love to party hard!



Tell us about Ladies Night

The idea is about flipping the objectification thing, so ladies get a free drink just for being ladies and men can get one if they flash their tits! There might be a male wet t-shirt contest too…you’ll have to wait and see. If this event is successful my goal is to make it a regular series. Each of us in the collective gets to create their own events. When I do mine I want to be able to employ a lot of female artists, bands and DJs and make it a real ladies night. 

So there isn’t anything anti-men about this?

Oh god no! The whole point is that it’s going to be cute. We are not saying “fuck men” we are just allowing the men to be the sexy ones for the night. I just want a bunch of women running the show, and we are involving the men in a silly way. I hope everyone will get a kick out of it.


Megg Farrell. Photo by Ruthie Darling

Which artists are involved?

The night will start off with a cocktail hour with open bar from 8:30pm – 9:30pm featuring the lovely sounds of gypsy jazz guitarist Sara L’Abriola. She is only 18 years old and new to the Gypsy Jazz scene. I’m really glad we can showcase such a young artist. We will also have music by Christine Cherry, who has a country flavor, and my band Megg Farrell & Friends. Comedian Lucy Shelby will be MCing throughout the night. I actually met Lucy at a Cacoa ceremony where we had to drink the elixir and stare into each others eyes. Afterwards I asked her to be in the show, I just loved her energy. We’ll finish things off with a dance party hosted by French DJ Camille BWR who will be spinning from midnight to 3am. The tickets are only $10 so it’s the perfect cheap Friday night event.

Tickets can be purchased here.



  1. SoNotSexist

    So they’re giving free drinks to ladies, which is sexist to begin with, and then stoop down to objectifying men? No, definitely nothing sexist here…

    This is wrong, just as objectifying women is wrong.

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